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Industries / Water & Sewage

Potable water is essential to our health, so D&R Custom Steel Fabrication is proud to assist companies in the water treatment industry in providing safe water for communities throughout North America. Putting our expertise and 40-plus years’ experience to good use, we provide custom steel fabrications for water and waste water systems.

Our many carbon steel and stainless steel solutions for municipal, commercial, and industrial clients include:

  • Clarifiers
  • Tanks
  • Skimming Equipment
  • Draft Tubes and Elbows
  • Screens
  • Grit Removal Systems
  • Travelling Bridges

The common element among all of D&R’s products for water treatment, as well as other industries, is quality. Our priority is strong, reliable, long-lasting fabrications that meet all applicable codes and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Our highly skilled staff and fully equipped facility offer capabilities from cutting through to complete test assembly, and we can even handle complex fabrications with mechanical or electrical components. Every piece meets our strict internal quality standards and leaves our shop fully operational.