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Quality Management

When John DeWit and Yke Reitsma founded D&R Custom Steel Fabrication, their primary mission was to provide quality custom steel fabrications. Today, that commitment to quality is still a hallmark of D&R’s business, and quality management remains a top priority.

To ensure the quality of every piece we make, D&R employs only highly skilled tradespeople, including Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)–certified welders, fitters, and welding supervisor. We also employ a full-time, in-house quality assurance (QA) inspector. Nothing leaves our shop that we don’t consider our best work.

Welder/Fitter & Welding Certification

All D&R welders and fitters complete CWB testing and certification processes every two years for a variety of positions and techniques. Our in-house certified welding engineer and certified welding supervisor ensure our welders are working to the highest standards, and our in-house welding procedures are approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau prior to implementation.

D&R Custom Steel Fabrication is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard W47.1 division 2 for carbon steel and stainless steel, and CSA standard W47.2 for aluminum. Our company code for CWB certification is DRCUS1.

In-House Quality Control Measures

D&R Custom Steel Fabrication has developed its own quality assurance procedures and has a full-time quality assurance inspector on staff. Our procedures follow the Canadian Standard Association’s CSA-Z-299.3-85 standards.